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Teacher Professional Development Sector, Ministry of Education Malaysia


The Teacher Professional Development Sector (TPDS) came into existence along with the other main sectors under the restructuring of the Ministry of Education Malaysia. Its inception was graced and announced by the Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia then, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during the national level Teachers' Day celebration in Malacca on 16 May 2008.

Recognising the importance of this sector, the Ministry of Education has placed the Teacher Education Division (TED), Aminuddin Baki Institute (IAB), the School Inspectorate and Quality Assurance Division, and the Malaysian Institute of Teacher Education under its purview and responsibility. This sector plans, manages and implements teacher professional development activities throughout the nation with the purpose of providing and achieving quality education.

The function of this sector was enhanced and strengthened by the upgrading of Teacher Training Colleges to Institutes of Teacher Education in 2008. An amendment was made to the 1996 Education Act which was passed in Parliament on 4 December 2008 that enabled the Institutes of Teacher Education to award diplomas and degrees in teacher education.

Previously, Teacher Training Colleges could only award certificates in education [of the 1996 Education Act]. These institutes focus on the preparation and training of pre-service and in-service teachers for both primary and secondary education. By creating opportunities for teachers to continue professional development in a systematic and regular manner, it is hoped that a passion for lifelong learning will be inculcated so as to improve teacher qualifications and standards.

Mission Statement

To develop a high quality of teacher professionalism in achieving the nation's aspirations

Vision Statement

TPDS as the lead organisation in developing excellent teacher professionalism

Service Values

TPDS upholds positive values, integrity, professionalism, team work and a learning organisation culture as its core thrusts in implementing teacher professional development activities

Functions of TPDS

TPDS is committed in providing satisfaction to its clients, providers and stakeholders based on the following Client Charter :

  • Ensuring that the quality of education provided is always high and fulfills the national educational goals
  • Ensuring client satisfaction is achieved in all courses attended by participants
  • Producing and delivering inspection reports of educational institutions to fulfill client satisfaction within the stipulated time
  • Providing effective and quality advisory services to customers
  • Ensuring high competencies of its officers and support-service staff
  • Ensuring all views of its clients are taken into consideration for the purpose of improvement
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of service providers are managed according to specified procedures

Organisation Chart

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